About Us

These XLights Sequences are for any layout, whether you have multiple Mega trees, or large Matrix’s. You may have numerous props and these sequences may not suit your layout. Music with Motion sequences can be adapted to work with any display. The XLights sequences are easy to map and I also offer a service to help you map the sequences. Music with Motion creates Xlights sequences that will truly bring your display to life.

Glad you came to visit us. Sequencing Christmas lights to music is a hobby that has made my display shine bright in the neighborhood and the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

I started Christmas lights in1998 and yes I had a Mr. Christmas box. In 2009 I purchased my LOR controllers and for 3 years controlled my light show.

In 2012 Nutcracker was developed and I was fortunate enough to get on board. This program which later became known as Xlights is the top sequencing software for most hobbyists today. I sequenced lights for my display and have helped many people over the years. I decided that it was time to open a store and help as many people as I can.

10% of all sales will be donated directly to the X lights and the FPP development teams.

We hope you get as much satisfaction from my sequences as I did.