Consulting Services

Are you ready to take your holiday light display to the next level? I can help you design and program any
residential display to create something spectacular where your light display and special effects are
perfectly synchronized with your music or video.
I have 15 years of light animation experience. I can help you design and program any residential display.
Whether you are decorating a home, a small business front, or city park I am ready to work with you.
Music with Motion believes the success of your project begins with honest and open communications
and a solid plan.

Services I provide:

- Custom sequencing

- One on one support via zoom

- Mapping

- Layout and designs

Custom Sequencing:

Contact me for pricing


$25.00 per hour


I can design your layout for you.

2d layout $25.00 per hour

3d layout contact me for pricing

Custom Voice Overs for your show.


-Headlights off


-Show times

Contact me for pricing

Custom XLights Sequence Quote

Music with Motion will take your show to the next level! I am the original creator of Music with motion

so you get original work from the same artist. I do not farm work out for custom sequences. Precise

detail is taken in every custom sequence so that your sequence is truly unique. Your home will be the

envy of the neighborhood.